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  • Happy December - and from 1 December lower import taxes in China

    22nd of december

    The Chinese economy has achieved a significant growth boost per 1 December, when the Chinese government has lowered the tax on a large number of imported consumer goods.


    Which products are included?


    The list counts almost 200 products and applies to items in these categories .:Food, supplements, medicines, cleaning products, clothes, footwear, household appliances and other household items.



    The Chinese economy is under development



    The lower taxes are partly a response to a larger consumer demand for foreign imported goods. The purpose is to create more growth in the consumer market as part of the government's restructuring of the country's economic model, which has so far been based on low-cost production and export.



    Great potential for foreign businesses


    The tax changes will certainly benefit foreign companies, who wish to sell their products in China. They will now be able to sell their goods at a cheaper and more competitive price compared to the Chinese market's current alternatives.


    Could it affect your project?


    Please contact us by phone or email:


    Phone: +45 96 76 19 19 - Email:

  • Closure of 30,000 factories in China has been quite challenging for us

    22nd of december

    We saw it all begin in November 2016, when the Chinese authorities took the fight against the massive pollution. Their approach was quite noticeable, when they started closing down a large number of factories. Up against 30,000 factories has been affected.


    Business closures must reduce pollution


    The strategy behind the closure of the many factories has been to carry out extensive more or less random sampling.


    When a company is closed down by the authorities, all production is stopped with immediate effect. After that, it has been the task of the individual company to prove that a number of statutory environmental requirements have been fulfilled. If the company can get their documentation approved, production may start again.

    Air pollution can not be ignored


    The population can and will no longer ignore smog formation in the city areas. Therefore, the environment is a debated subject in the public and the authorities take action on the problem.



    The population can and will no longer ignore smog formation in the city areas. Therefore, the environment is a debated subject in the public and the authorities take action on the problem.


    Delays and losses due to 30,000 factory closures


    With such a large number of manufacturing companies that have been put out of operation by the Chinese authorities, we have not been able to avoid it and we have been effected by it.


    Cp Sourcing's expertise lies in assisting our customers in the product development phase and to source the right manufacturer for customer projects. We therefore cooperate with a large number of subcontractors, each having their specialty. Even though we only enter into partnerships with companies, who meets our high quality standards, several of our subcontractors have unfortunately also been affected by the closures.


    Our experience of closures has been that some companies have been closed by the authorities despite the fact that they could be approved according to Danish environmental standards. While other factories, which should have been closed down, were allowed to continue.


    Despite the fact that our partners have been able to provide the required documentation, the closures have nevertheless meant delays to a greater or lesser degree. This has meant that we have used a lot of additional resources to find alternative suppliers and / or speed up production once the factory was reopened. We have done this so that our customers were affected as little as possible by the situation in China.


    When Chinese politics came across and made a big impact on our operations in 2017


    We will give some examples of what this has meant for Cp Sourcing:


    • One of our subcontractors for surface treatment was earlier only 20 km away. Now we drive over 200 km to do quality checks with our subcontractor. For instance anodizing (aluminum surface treatment) must no longer be made in our area, which is defined as urban zone.


    • Rising prices due to the lack of factories have meant that we have been forced to use resources to find and switch to alternative suppliers to keep prices at the agreed level.


    • At the same time as the need to switch suppliers, unfortunately, there have also been more errors in the productions in 2017 than in previous years. We have therefore used additional resources to correct these errors in order to deliver as agreed to our customers.


    We support the fight against pollution and look forward to 2018


    We are only now at the same level as before the major efforts of the authorities came into force.


    However, it is important for us to mention that, although the recent year's challenges with factory closures have caused us to sweat, we see it as a positive step that the Chinese authorities are actively involved in combating pollution and investing massively in alternative and sustainable energy sources.

  • Cp Sourcing reaches the top

    22nd of december

    During the last visit to China, Cp Sourcing’s CEO Per Veile visited the Chinese province of Jiangxi. The visit was made in connection with Per Veile visiting a number of newer suppliers.



    Per Veile says:


    'Throughout the last 4 years, we have looked into the production area's suppliers in Jiangxi, southern China. Within the last 6 months we have begun to produce in the area.


    During my recent visit, I was given the opportunity to visit one of the area's tourist attractions. It was a 1.6 km walk through footpaths that led us 1,700 meters up a mountain side. I got a bit dizzy when I looked down, but it was a wonderful beautiful trip.'



  • False email in circulation

    22nd of december



    We have received an email that appears to come from our own website domain.


    But we do not know either the email address or the person named in the signature.


    Beware of scam mails


    If you receive an email from us that comes from a new address or a new employee you do not know, we would strongly advice you do not click any links or attachments. Contact us if in doubt.


  • Danish Christmas in China landed at the 25.... of November

    22nd of december

    For 8 years, Cp Sourcing has sponsored the network for Danish companies in China: Danish Chamber of Commerce - South China


    On the last Saturday of November, the network held one of the year's biggest events, which is the annual Christmas lunch. A Danish chef makes sure that all traditional Danish Christmas specialties are served together with Danish beer and snaps.


    As is traditional Cp Sourcing participates to support the network and their Christmas event. At the Christmas party, there is great opportunity to meet new business partners in the network.


    In addition, Cp Sourcing's staff from the Chinese office is invited to this festive evening.


    On the picture below to the left is CEO of Cp Sourcing, Per Veile, and to the right one of the team leaders from the Chinese office, Bull with wife.

  • Thank you for the past year

    22nd of december

    We would like to send greetings and thanks to all our customers, suppliers and partners for 2017.


    Soon we will look forward to 2018, which we hope brings more exciting tasks, which we will solve together in the new year.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  • Cp Sourcing upgrades in China: Employee staff expanded by 25 %

    7 December 2017

    Cp Sourcing's Director, Per Veile, is pleased to announce that the company is growing again at the Chinese office.


    The company's department in China has 2 new employees, one of whom is in a newly created position. Thus, the Chinese colleagues can welcome another team leader.


    As a result, the company has a 25 % expansion in staff members and extends from 4 to 5 teams.


    One of the two new employees is Yoyo Yang.


    She enters an existing position and replaces a former team leader who, after completing maternity leave, has chosen to remain in a stay-at-home role



    In the newly created position, Cp Sourcing now employs Eric Mok, who becomes the 5th team leader at the office in China.



    This means that the Chinese employees are even more likely to work more specialized on specific types of tasks, materials and industries.












    Each team leader is in charge of the contact with a number of permanent partners and will function as a project manager on individual tasks. But of course, all employees overlap to maintain flexibility, for example in case of illness or during extra busy periods.

  • Cp Sourcing - now also on Twitter (in Danish)

    7 December 2017

    A Twitter post - a Tweet - can consist of maximum 140 characters


    Read here in max 140 characters why Cp Sourcing is now also on Twitter:


    Cp Sourcing expands online presence and visibility on social media. This means you can now follow us on our Twitter profile: @Cp_Sourcing






  • 'YOU NAME IT, WE MAKE IT - a collaboration with: Mil-tek Waste Balers & Compactors

    7 December 2017

    For more than 7 years, Cp Sourcing has worked with the company Mil-tek Danmark A/S.


    Who is Mil-tek and what do they do?


    Mil-tek is the leading supplier of balers and compactors and we specialize in recycling solutions designed to minimize waste for companies of all shapes and sizes. Source:


    Originally, Cp Sourcing should make an offer for a 3D print job


    For a number of years, Cp Sourcing has been responsible for delivering smaller parts and components, as well as some larger aluminum barrels from Chinese producers to Mil-tek in Denmark. That's why Paw Gräs, Product Engineer at Mil-tek, knew about Cp Sourcing already.


    Paw Gräs knew that Cp Sourcing also offers 3D printing on their own machines. When he had a specific development job, where he needed to produce a prototype, it was an obvious solution to contact Cp Sourcing.


    In their largest 3D printer, which can print items in sizes up to 600 x 600 x 800 mm, he saw an opportunity to get a product in hand quickly for exhibition and testing of principles.


    But the specific shape proved to be complex to print and the price was eventually higher than expected. Paw Gräs received an offer from another company, but with the same result.


    Professional assistance in realizing an idea


    Over the years, Cp Sourcing has specialized in and gained extensive experience in helping companies through the development phase of their products. This is done in close cooperation with the customers, who are often in widely different stages of the development phase


    During the development process, Cp Sourcing can contribute and provide competent advice from all phases: Right from the hand drawn sketch on the back of an envelope to the ready-made technical drawings that can be sent directly to production.


    'They contribute with their knowledge and we benefit greatly from the advices'


    Paw Gräs talks about the latest collaboration:


    'For this specific development project, we had to look at other solutions for our prototype than 3D print. Instead Cp Sourcing offered a different solution. They made us an offer to get the prototype produced in China in a processed plastic material.


    I was a little apprehensive about the delivery time, because we were under a tight schedule. But from the time we accepted their offer, until the finished item was delivered to us only 14 days passed.



    The picture shows Paw Gräs, Product Engineer at Mil-tek Danmark A/S


    'I was very pleased and positively surprised by the fast delivery.


    Since then Cp Sourcing has submitted suggestions for changes that can improve the final product or optimize the production process. We must definitely say that we are very pleased with the knowledge they contribute to the development, which we can ultimately benefit greatly from.'

  • Do you need advice about your development project?

    7 December 2017

    Our slogan is: YOU NAME IT, WE MAKE IT.


    We can participate in virtually all types of projects right from the first phase:


    Please contact us to discuss your project. The initial talk is always completely non-binding.


    Click the button below to send us an email with your request.


  • Looking for a Christmas gift idea for customers and colleagues?

    20th of June. 2017

    We have come across an exciting product opportunity with a limited stock, which we can offer exclusively to our partners:

  • Letsplay ApS is pleased to work with Cp Sourcing

    20th of June. 2017

    The picture shows the two founders and owners of the Danish game development company Letsplay, with whom we work. To the left is Søren Maribo and to the right Mathias Jensen.


    Teacher, owner, creative product developer and financial manager at Letsplay ApS Mathias Jensen explains::

    "About half a year ago, we got in contact with Cp Sourcing, when we were looking for a new business partner. After a few mistaken Chinese adventures where we had tried to establish a production in China, we had to throw the towel in the ring. We were not properly prepared for how difficult it is.


    We did try the best we could with the help of a contact in the clothing industry. But, as a start-up company, we could only afford a single trip to China and otherwise tried to sit in Denmark and manage the process. But unfortunately we had to experience the hard way that it was not a good idea to sit in Denmark and communicate with the Chinese."



    Who and what is Letsplay ApS?

    Mathias Jensen runs the company Letsplay ApS with co-owner Søren Maribo, a teacher & process consultant, a sports graduate at the Institute of Sports in Copenhagen, owner of Letsplay, creative product developer and communications manager.


    Already at the teacher training college they worked with the creation of games for play and learning for educational use during their sports exams. After graduation they traveled on a planned trip for 6 months to South and Central America.


    Along the way, they developed a number of games as they tested on other backpackers who they met at hotels and cafes. The trip made them believe that they could develop games, but at the same time also an experience in coping with difficult situations together. A unique way to start a business.


    When they got home, they had a finished concept for a new game, which they were ready to produce and sell.



    The game is called Bumball and it is a fun and active ball game for both children and adults. As a player, you have Velcro on your chest and bum and you must try to grab the soft ball without the use of your hands. It's about having fun, moving and managing in a new and unfamiliar context.


    What went wrong with Letsplay’s own attempt at production in China?


    The short answer is: Misunderstandings and communication problems (- and lack of time and money)


    The slightly longer story is about, how the couple initially did succeed in putting the production into operation, but also on deliveries with defects. Once, the manufacturer's Velcro supplier could not deliver, because the factory was burned down. Without asking or notifying Letsplay, the manufacturer used a different and slightly more powerful variant of Velcro, which had major consequences for the game. The ball got so stuck on this type of Velcro that it was difficult to get it off, when it was grabbed. So the shipment had to be scrapped. But especially the equipment for the new game series "MosaIQ" has been a long process of many defeats, until Letsplay encountered Cp Sourcing.


    How does the collaboration with Cp Sourcing work?


    "From our first meeting with Per Veile, we have been confident that Cp Sourcing has been in control of the entire process. We are well aware that we are a small company that puts a relatively small order. But it has not meant that we are not taken seriously", Mathias Jensen begins.


    He continues: "Throughout the process, there has been a good contact and follow-up from Cp Sourcing. They always respond quickly and there is short waiting time, as they are continuously present in China and have their own office with permanent staff in China.

    Right now we are finishing our newest game, which will be launched this autumn in both Danish and English: Dyrepasser Løbet & Zookeeper Race.

    Cp Sourcing has delivered good input for production optimization and development of our concept right from the start. As an example, we have modified some material choices in order to get a cheaper and more durable solution."


    Pingpong between regions in Eastern and Western Denmark and all the way to China and back


    Cp Sourcing has offices in Durup in the Danish region of Central Jutland and in China. Letsplay has addresses in Egaa in the Western part of Denmark and in Copenhagen in the Eastern part of Denmark. But that means nothing for the cooperation.




    Mathias Jensen says in a finishing comment: "What matters most to us in the collaboration, is that Cp Sourcing can deliver all the elements to our new game. Everything from the game’s printed, textile storage bags, game pieces and finished packaging."


  • Cp Sourcing sponsors local Durup Park Concert

    20th of June. 2017

    We are pleased to have contributed to another successful park concert in Durup's beautiful green park, which is just a short walk away from our office and warehouse.


    In spite of a heavy rainfall, we personally supported and participated in the concert.


    We are always proud to support the good initiatives in our local community in cooperation with the other sponsors and a long list of local enthusiastic volunteers.

  • Cp Sourcing gets many new queries

    20th of June. 2017

    Owner Per Veile can report:

    We are experiencing increasing demand from both existing but also new customers, who are interested in receiving an offer from us.


    We receive quite a lot of inquiries from entrepreneurs, who come to us with development projects and we are doing our best to calculate good deals.


    For this reason we are extra busy replying our customers on both the phone and e-mail. But we see this as a positive challenge and we will answer all inquiries.


    As we can offer our solid expertise in both product development and production, it is only the imagination that sets the limits. We can handle the entire process from idea to finished product - and all the in-between.


    Old and new customers should all experience that we live up to our slogan: 'YOU NAME IT, WE MAKE IT'

    Need to discuss solutions or a specific offer? Contact us today


    As a customer at Cp Sourcing, you will always get an introductory and often non-binding talk about your current needs.



  • TEASER: New flyer in the making....

    20th of June. 2017

    We are working on a number of flyers, which are segmented according to our many categories of competencies./p>


    Therefore, we plan to make more editions within our large catalog of production and development know how, which are tailored to the topics and abilities that our customers demand.


    One size does not fit all!

    For a company like ours, it would be an almost impossible task to make one brochure or folder that is targeted to our many, different customer types.


    We have produced everything from lamps, fittings, furniture, bags, various electronics and much more - all for a variety of customers in widely different industries.


    Our collaborators operate with products within several industries like housing and design, industry and construction, technical articles and machine parts. In addition, we are working with a number of customers already from the development phase


    With the new flyers, we will be able to give new and existing customers a little insight into the wide diversity of our production and product portfolio.

  • Business closures happens in battle against pollution

    1st of March. 2017

    As the economic development and growth in China is increasing rapidly, pollution is a real and growing problem, especially in big cities. In the Chinese public people are discussing the environment as the main topic and especially air pollution is an issue that can not be ignored. We have experienced that the Chinese authorities are investing heavily in alternative and sustainable energy sources. Also we see an increasing focus on the problem of smog formation in the big cities.


    At the current time the authorities are working on reducing the problem and to stop the sources of pollution. Recently we have seen the result, as we have experienced a significant number of business closures in larger scale. In the region where our Chinese office is located, more than 17,000 businesses have been closed down by the Chinese authorities.


    The affected companies will simply be shut down immediately and can only start up production again, when they can document that a number of statutory environmental requirements are in order. The closures happen random.



    What does it mean for us and our customers?


    Cp Sourcing's department in China is not shut down.


    We are following the situation closely and have established new partnerships with alternative suppliers. At the same time we are working with a large number of producers, who are in compliance with the requirements. So in the event that - contrary to our expectations - they will be closed by the authorities, we expect that they will soon be able to start production up again.


    Our customers will most probably not be significantly affected by the situation. Our current experience is that only a few of our customers have noticed the business closures in China.


    Do you have a new project, you want to start up with Chinese suppliers, please feel free to contact us. We can advise you on the specific situation and development in China.


  • The work environment at Cp Sourcing has been approved by the Chinese authorities again

    1st of March. 2017

    The Chinese authorities have nevertheless visited Cp Sourcing's department in China recently.


    Not to close the company down, but to inspect the working environment in our office and warehouse facilities. The conclusion was of course again 'APPROVED, as we have decent conditions and comply with all legal requirements, which include the fire authorities' requirements for escape routes.


  • New technical supporter in China-office

    1st of March. 2017

    After the reorganization of our Chinese office, we have just said goodbye to one of our four team leaders, Sherry Yuan. We could see that we needed to strengthen our support. For this reason we have converted one of the organization's team leader functions to a technical support function. Recently we welcomed our new technical supporter June Chen.

  • Why does it still make sense to source production in China?

    1st of March. 2017

    Cp Sourcing has worked with sourcing and product development in the East since 2004. Over the years, we have regularly been asked, if it still really makes sense economically to move production all the way to China and deliver the goods all the way back home.


    Since 2004 much has happened, but we experience a large and still growing interest in sourcing in China. Just within the last 2 years we have had an increase in revenue from of our sourcing tasks.


    Some of the explanations for the continued profitable Chinese sourcing market is that the technological development in China is in rapid growth and incredibly large sums are invested in research, innovation and development. We have experienced that producers in China are implementing automated processes and they are exploiting and benefiting from the latest, revolutionary technologies.

    Another explanation is that when it comes to production that involves many manual hours, where a production employee is required to handle and process the product, then it is especially worthwhile outsourcing the production to China.



    The production environment in China remains profitable for most sourcing projects


    We have the right experience and can assess your specific project and guide you to the most optimal and profitable solution. Regardless if the producer is Danish or Chinese.


    We examine both the Danish and the Chinese market thoroughly, when we get a new job in, depending on your needs and requirements.


    Contact us for an unbinding talk about your project

  • Cp Sourcing continues to sponsor a local cycling team

    1st of March. 2017

    Although the calendar for the local cycling team, Team coloQuick-CULT, is not yet announcing the upcoming races in 2017, it does not mean that the expectations for the team's performances in the coming season has diminished.


    The team had an excellent year in 2016 and a small group of riders even took the journey all the way to China to participate in the demanding race Tour of China, which is China's version of the Tour de France.


    The owner of Cp Sourcing, Per Veile, even had the opportunity to personally follow the riders on the last two stages in Tour of China and it was an incredible experience.



    Exposure of Cp Sourcing to over 1 billion people in 2016


    With Cp Sourcing's logo on the riders' jersey in Tour of China, Cp Sourcing had the opportunity to receive a priceless exposure. The massive coverage of the tour, meant that over people followed the race!


    We have chosen to sponsor the local cycling team again this year and we also have very high expectations for exposure in the coming season.


    As a new change in 2017, Cp Sourcing's logo has a different, more visible location on the riders' t-shirt. This means a better exposure, which we are pleased with.


    We look forward to follow Team coloQuick-CULT again in 2017.

    Below are screenshots from a TV spot that a local TV-station made from Team coloQuick-CULT's training camp. The attentive viewer will see Cp Sourcing's logo on the right side of the riders' jerseys.

  • Chinese New Year means Chinese holidays

    1st of December. 2016

    The Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and is considered the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays.


    The celebrations goes on for 15 days and it is a spectacular experience.


    Cp Sourcing’s owner Per Veile has experienced the Chinese New Year:



    'It is a major celebration in China and in many ways similar to Christmas. Families gather to eat good food and the children receive gifts of money in red envelopes, they are called 'lucky money'. Of course there are also fireworks and plenty of red as the Chinese, according to an old legend, uses the color red and the noise from the fireworks explosions to scare the silent monster Nian away.'


    Per Veile continues:


    'The Chinese considers the New Year festival a big national holiday celebration, a bit similar to the massive celebrations of New Year in other parts of the world. including Denmark. The major difference is that the Chinese New Year is celebrated over 15 days. During that time most businesses are closed. For this reason we always make our customers aware that there are extra long delivery times associated with Chinese New Year.'


    Be aware of changes in delivery times

    In addition to the 15 public holidays during the celebration of New Year, many companies are significantly influenced by the festival for 10 days both before and after New Year. The reason is that many employees travels home in good time, as there is great pressure on the public transport system in China during this festival.


    This means that over a period of 1 month, the Chinese companies are not operating on full power.


    Per Veile advices all customers to contact him now, if you have a task that Cp Sourcing must solve before the holidays hit in early spring in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

  • Cp Sourcing rated highest credit AAA-rating

    1st of December. 2016

    Cp Sourcing has recently undergone an extensive credit rating and has achieved the best possible result: AAA rating


    Only 2% of all Danish companies has achieved this assessment, which is a proof that the individual company has a sound and stable financial position.


    Cp Sourcing has been assessed by an independent expert model that undergoes over 2,400 parameters. The result is a documentation that the company finances are in order with a long-term and reliable credit rating.



    Owner Per Veile says that Cp Sourcing is very happy with the AAA rating. With this rating, Cp Sourcing are able to send an even clearer signal to customers, saying that the company is operating with a stable and healthy economy. It strengthens Cp Sourcing's credibility as a business partner.


    Per Veile adds and strongly points that this fine rating does not automatically mean that you are a millionaire. For this is not the case - yet..

  • 7th year in a row as sponsor for DCC-SC

    1st of December. 2016

    Danske virksomheder, som er medlem af DCC-SC netværket.

    Danish Chamber of Commerce - South China


    At the office in China the Chinese team is responsible for a portion of the contact with a large number of manufacturers and other business partners on a daily basis. Via e-mail and telephone the China-department continuously coordinates with Cp Sourcing’s owner Per Veile and the other Danish employees.


    But far from everything can be done over a phone line and Internet connection. Therefore Per Veile regularly travels to China and it sums up to a lot traveling and longer stays in southern China during the year.



    Due to the activities and travel in South China Cp Sourcing has been a sponsor and member of the business network DCC-SC for Danish companies in Southern China for the last 7 years.


    Via the network Danish traders meet for business events and other gatherings, such as the celebration of Danish Midsummer Sankt Hans and the traditional, annual Christmas party.


    Cp Sourcing is pleased to continue as sponsor of DCC-SC. Through the network, there are good opportunities to discuss business with a wide range of representatives from large and small Danish companies that also do business in China.


    It also gives the Danish representatives the opportunity to meet other Danes in social contexts after a long day at the office before returning to their apartments. So the network is also helping to ensure that the Danish business people do not sit and feel lonely in their hotel rooms. Cp Sourcing will continuously support the network.

  • Cp Sourcing increases visibility

    1st of December. 2016

    As stated elsewhere in this newsletter, Cp Sourcing has a healthy business.


    The desire for increased visibility is not an indication that the company lacks customers. But, above all, a desire to strengthen cooperation with existing customers and other partners.


    For this reason Cp Sourcing has built a quarterly newsletter, which today is published in Danish, English and Chinese and distributed to over 200 partners.



    This newsletter is the second version, which is published in all three languages.


    Moreover, the company has established a Facebook page where newsletters and other relevant news can be shared.


    Additionally, Cp Sourcing already has a profile on the Danish, online platform 'Building Supply' and on LinkedIn, where you regularly can find relevant news about the company.


    Along with the website, these different platforms composes a solid foundation for increased visibility for Cp Sourcing. And should the increased visibility result in new customers, they are also very welcome.

  • Merry Christmas and happy New Year

    1st of December. 2016

    Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

  • Cycling team from the Danish local area to China with the support of Cp Sourcing

    15st of September. 2016

    Cp Sourcing will follow the Tour of China during the last 2 days

    In 2015 Cp Sourcing - along with a number of other local companies - chose to enter into a sponsorship agreement by the establishment of a new locally based cycling team under the name Team ColoQuick.


    Cp Sourcing chose to support the team through sponsorship, partly to support a local initiative. But with the sponsorship owner Per Veile hopes to market Cp Sourcing through new paths - and as a sponsor the team’s cycling routes brings Cp Sourcing far and wide.


    The team had great success last year. Among other great events, one of the young talents on the team won a stage and the youth jersey during the Tour of Denmark.


    Per Veile has eagerly followed the team's performances closely and is excited that CULT has joined the team as title sponsor. Cp Sourcing is also co-sponsor in 2016, where the team will appear as Team ColoQuick-CULT.


    Cp Sourcing sponsor logo on tour with priceless exposure


    Latest news from Cp Sourcing’s sponsor adventures in cycling is that the team has left Denmark this week for a three week stay in China, where they will participate in the Tour of China.


    The Tour of China is not as widely known outside the cycling community, but the tour is China's version of Tour de France. The riders will face a stern challenge, but no matter how they are doing in the race, it is a great opportunity for Cp Sourcing as a sponsor to get extra publicity.


    With the company logo on the riders' jerseys in the Tour of China, Cp Sourcing gets an opportunity for massive exposure. The organization behind Tour of China reports that there is extensive press coverage of the tour, which therefore reaches over 1 billion people.


    That is crazy! We will just repeat that:

    1 billion - 1,000,000,000 - people!


    Cp Sourcing will follow the Tour of China during the last 2 days


    Cp Sourcing wants to witness the race first hand and has chosen to follow the last two stages.


    Here is the hope of course to see all the riders from Team ColoQuick-CULT reach the goal, yet knowing that the race is extremely hard and is comparable to the Tour de France.

  • You name it - We make it

    15st of September. 2016

    The photo here is from the Cp Sourcing office in China.

    When Per Veile and his staff arrive at the office, whether it is in Denmark or in China, it is always exciting to experience the variety of tasks the day will bring. One’s imagination can rarely live up to imagining which tasks will be added to the company's already extensive portfolio of products and services.


    Per Veile explains:

    'When you are engaged in sourcing, product development and 3D printing like us, there is basically no limits to which queries we receive from our regular and new customers.


    When I embark on the job of the day, I can still be surprised how varied and different tasks we actually solve.


    One day it might be 3D print of a mold for burial urns. The next day it might be sourcing of metal frames for designer furniture.


    For this reason it is always exciting to go to work, every day brings new tasks. Only our customers' imagination is the limit for what we are dealing with. That is why our slogan is:

    You name it - We make it.'


    Cp Sourcing has many years of experience and expertise in solving any task as a subcontractor. The focus is not on any specific industry, yet to some extend on products in plastic, metal, glass and electronics.


    But Cp Sourcing resolves to all types of tasks and can offer a total solution at a competitive price, whether for example it is a custom-made burial urn in 3D printing, production of components for designer furniture or other tasks in the sourcing and product development business.


    Would you like to hear more about the opportunities to outsource and about what Cp Sourcing can offer, you can click the button below to contact the owner Per Veile.

  • It cost dearly to frighten a Chinaman!

    01 July. 2016

    This is how it looked, when the worst fright had subsided

    During one of his many visits to China, CEO Per Veile got a nasty fright - anyway it was Per, who ended up having to compensate a Chinaman for being frightened.


    Per was out driving in his car and suddenly a 3-wheel vehicle (photo above) drove onto the road in the wrong direction.


    A collision was inevitable, but fortunately there was only material damage.


    When Per pulled over and got in touch with the Chinese man, it soon became necessary with an interpreter.


    For that reason Per contacted his people at office, who immediately rushed to help.


    The Chinese man - who had driven in the wrong direction and straight out in front of Per – wanted to be compensated because he was frightened by the incident.


    Per’s employees would not hear of compensation, but the man would not move until he had received a compensation of 40 EUR.


    Then the Traffic Police was contacted by phone and their message was clear: 'Oh, it will be very difficult, if we first have to get out there. Because then we must seize the car for a few days and we cannot arrive until much later in the day. The easiest way is that you just pay him'.


    Per and his employees followed the advice – though they did negotiate a compensation of 13 EUR which they believed was a more appropriate compensation. It was, after all, only a minor scare!


    It still ended up costing 470 EUR because the insurance would not cover the damage to the company’s car, now that they had reached a settlement with the Chinese man.


    Yes, even though Cp Sourcing has traveled in China for many years, one can still be surprised (and frightened) of amusing episodes.

  • 3D technology knows no boundaries!

    01 July. 2016

    Within the last few months a duck has got printed new feet and a turtle a new shell.


    Therefore, it is only the imagination that limits the possibilities of the 3D technology.


    We have an extremely well-equipped 3D workshop, where we can help you with product development – even on a very low budget.


    In the picture you see our latest - and largest - 3D printer that can print up to 600 x 600 x 800 millimeters.


    Would you like to know more about the possibilities?


    Then send us an e-mail and we will contact you for a non-binding meeting.


    Cp Sourcing ApS Denmark

    Højagervej 2, Durup - 7870 Roslev

    Tlf: +45 96 76 19 19


  • Own production in China - with focus on work environment

    01 July. 2016

    In Cp Sourcing’s department in China, there are already 4 employees at the office. These 4 have now been joined by another 4 employees at the company's own production.


    The company has grown from being 4 to being 8 employees in the department in China.


    The reason is simply that Cp Sourcing itself often needs to carry out certain production tasks. Typically, it is tasks related to assembly of items or other tasks that primarily require manpower - and thus not a large range of machines.


    The company expects that there may be a need for additional staff in the foreseeable future.


    For the company's employees in both Denmark and China, focus is on the working environment.


    Very specifically Cp Sourcing has just recently been adjusting tables as well as chairs, so they are adapted to the new production staff in China. Furthermore, there is invested in improved lighting conditions - also in the production area.

  • Cp Sourcing offers storage space in China

    01 July. 2016

    This is a picture from our warehouse

    Cp Sourcing is physically present in China with its own premises, which offers a variety of potential applications.


    The company now offers its business partners that they can rent storage capacity. CEO of Cp Sourcing, Per Veile explains:


    'When you have these fine applications, you want to use them optimally. For that reason we have started offering storage capacity to our business partners'.


    Per Veile emphasizes that the company does not want to offer warehouse logistics in general, but it is an additional service offered exclusively to Cp Sourcing’s business partners.