Sourcing & Development



Cp Sourcing has offices in Denmark and China. We visit our customer, show product samples and tell about the solutions we offer.


On some product types, we are able to manufacture proto-types in our Danish workshop, thus saving time in the process.


Afterwards we will in communication with our Chinese office find the desired solution, which has the contact to more than 40 factories. The factories produce following the customers specifications and desires and ship the finished products or parts directly to the customer's in Denmark.


Consultant services

Besides outsourcing your production to China, Cp Sourcing provides consultant services in the development phase. We have great experience in helping companies developing their products, assisting with production drawings, prototypes, packaging design, manuals, certification, production setup.


Our consultant services are just like our production prices, super sharp and competitive.


Contact us, then we will together find a solution that fits your company.